Nancy Carlsson-Paige
Taking Back Childhood
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Nancy Carlsson-Paige
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Nancy Carlsson-Paige

hong kong cryptocurrency regulation Today’s cultural pressures on children—media saturation, materialism, test-driven schools, and the fast pace of life—threaten to undermine some of the basic building blocks of healthy development. But we adults can navigate these difficult waters when we understand what it is children need and how we can best help them in these rapidly changing times.”
– Nancy Carlsson-Paige

How Corporate Education Reforms are Harming Children

Steer the play away from "bossy"

Reclaiming Play: Helping Children Learn and Thrive in School

PG-13 isn’t for young children

Nurturing Meaningful Connections with Young Children

A Changing Vision of Education

War Play: Balancing Children's Needs and Adults' Concerns

TAKING BACK CHILDHOOD: A Proven Roadmap for Raising Confident, Creative, Compassionate Kids reveals practical, hands-on approaches parents can take to create a safe, open, and imaginative environment in which kids can relish childhood and flourish as human beings. This groundbreaking book helps parents navigate the social currents shaping, and too often harming, the lives of kids today—and restore childhood to the very best of what it can and should be. Click Here to read more...

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bitcoin market hong kong Navigating Treacherous Times
Nancy discusses how and why childhood as we know it is being stolen from our kids and the practical steps that parents and adults can take to start fighting back. Plus these topics:
– Why play is such a critical factor in healthy child development
– Why 'brainy baby' type DVD's do more damage to infants than good
– The best and worst factorio моды скачать types of toys to give to our kids
–How to navigate the treacherous waters of our culture, and your children's reactions to it

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cryptocurrency exchange platform for business Nancy received “The Many Strong and Beautiful Women Award” in 2009 from Give Us Wings for her work on behalf of children. Click Here to see Nancy’s speech on awards night. For more information on Give Us Wings, visit their website

War Play Dilemma:
Balancing Needs and Values in the Early Childhood Classroom
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Who's Calling the Shots?: How to Respond Effectively to Children's Fascination With War Play and War Toys
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